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Artisti 3rd bass -  Otsikko green eggs and swine

Lyriikat & Käännös: 3rd bass - green eggs and swine Alhaalla näet käännetyt 3rd bass lyriikat sivulta sivulle! Verkkosivustollamme löydät paljon muita käännettyjä lyriikoita. Katso meidän arkistomme ja muita lyriikoita, esimerkiksi paina esittäjän 3rd bass kirjainta 3 ja näe, mitä kappaleita meillä on enemmän esittäjältä 3rd bass meidän arkistostamme, kuten green eggs and swine.


You do not dig them, so you say
TRY THEM! TRY THEM and you may
Try them and you may, I say..
[Pete Nice]
Slave drivers on your dollar bills that builds upon your ignorance
Significant, you never beat one-two one-two semblence
Since I ain't supposed, no boastin
I'm keepin soaps in my mouth like coke stem
For the silence of the swine, sittin slick on my slim chews
Liquor on the lamp, sippin booze as a cow moves
Lose my head over speak of a censor
Morse code but Three had no family credenza
Friends of mine align swine on the backstab
Grabbin greedy, now it's Rikers or rehab
My walkin stick just flips, it's a stick up
Misdirected like Charlie Babbitt, mixed up
Three-fifths, three-fifths, like this
He used to roll, a man with three-fifths, a man without his soul
So is this equal or blowin up your ass
smoke sticks who got your vote and rather slit your throat
"Try them.."


"Bacon souflee!"
"No I ain't gonna eat none of that"
"Try them.."

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